Many years ago, when I started working as a stripper, I understood very quickly that time was very valuable. In a lap dance you get paid per song. Depending on the club each song is about 2-4 minutes long. With each song you bank more money. And that’s how it should be. Time is one of the most valuable things we have. If you waste your time on a customer not worth your time it might have devastated consequences. In the end, as a dancer you are at work, and you are there to make money, because you need money to survive. Therefore, you need to be very stingy with your time and only spend time with people that reimburse your your time. By the way, the same applies for life. There has to be always a universal exchange and preferably you should always enjoy what you do on top of being reimbursed for your time and effort.
Each and every one of us will eventually run out of time. You can never get time back. My current rate is approximately $20 per song, and it feels right. I feel it’s a fair deal. Maybe, when I get older and wiser my price should go up.

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