I have never been drunk, stoned, or high. Not because I have a problem, simply because I choose not to. I was never into using or abusing any substance. I choose to live a clean life, and I try to surround myself with healthy, functional, sober people in my private life. The club is my only exception. Of course, alcohol, drugs, intoxicated customers are a given at every shift at the club. In fact, alcohol is the norm.
I clearly distinguish between dealing with intoxicated people in the club versa intoxicated people in my private life. Any time, I have to deal with an intoxicated person in my private life it is not by choice, and it feels as if your soul is raped. Alcoholics have a ripple effect. They affect you, others, and everything around you changes once they get into the picture. Alcohol and drugs bring out demons, and demons cannot be tamed. They just rage and demonize.
However, in the club, when I wear my stripper shield, it’s a different story. I still prefer sober customers over intoxicated ones, however, when a customer is fucked up I have a choice. I can deal with him or walk away. And that is what makes the difference.

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