A study about male birth control did not go very far. Men were simply not willing to put up with birth control side effects. Read for yourself
Another good article states that male birth control made men grow breasts, sweat uncontrollably, and go infertile for a whole year.

I can only laugh and say, are you fucking kidding me?
How many women have suffered from acne, weight gain, breast expansion, stroke, permanent infertility as well as death due to contraceptives like the patch, the IUD, the pill just to name a few. Nobody gives a shit about mood swings nor death when it comes to female birth control. Nor has the FDA permitted natural birth control for women yet which is common in countries like Germany and the UK– I am talking about PERSONA a contraceptive monitor. In the USA, female birth control is sold like candy and women are made believe that it will clear your skin and help you manage painful periods. No one tells you unless you are smart enough to read the fine print that you are fucking up your system for life taking synthetic hormones, and that it can lead to much more than mood swings, weight gain, and infertility.
But why do women put up with it? Why is it still believed that it is female responsibility not to get pregnant when we are just fertile for about 10 days a month, yet, men can knock you up all month long?
How women and men handle sexuality needs to change but it won’t because men are whimps and feel entitled when it comes to sex, and women are still willing to suck it up. And therefore women will continue to decide over life and death, like they always have while men invented war, so they can feel like they have some power too.

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