We were in the lap dance room around our seventh dance when the young Armenian boy popped the question, “Do you like making me feel good?” Me very down to earth with not even a hint of romanticism in my voice, “Sure. Why ? Do I cmake you feel good?” Him sneakily, “Yes, but there’s another level.” Me very rational and not very interested in exploring any further levels of him feeling good, “Really.” Him thinking that he hit the jackpot, “Yes, I would feel even better if you would give me this amazing, mind blowing blowjob.” Me all business, “Well, we can’t do that here.” Him quickly, “Oh, I didn’t mean here. You come with me, and it’ll be an experience I’ll never forget.” Me just annoyed, “I am sorry but I am not a prostitute. I can’t do that.” By that time, I had him pay me for the dances we did, and I walked him out of the lap dance room. Him persistent and trying to convince me, “What time are you off? It will be an amazing experience.” Me, turned off wondering how this would be an amazing experience for me, “No!” Him getting agitated, “Come on, you can’t let me just leave like this.” Me clear to the point, “Oh yes, I can. I am a dancer not a prostitute. I do not cover sexual favors plus it is illegal.” Him now angry raising his voice, “If you don’t come with me and give me a blowjob I will never come back.” Me, “OK then.” Him repeating it with more intensity as if I didn’t hear him, “I will never come back if you don’t give me a blowjob.” Me, “You have a girlfriend. Good night, thank you very much.”
I always try to stay polite and professional no matter how insulting a customer’s comments are. Because they don’t know what they are doing. The fact, that he thinks he can threaten me is very interesting. The fact, that he thinks that I believe he will come back if I would give him a blowjob is rather insulting. Men are strange creatures.

He always sets it up first complaining about his girlfriend and that they are not sexually compatible. Like I am going to feel sorry for him or responsible for his sexual frustration. Then he threatens me saying he will never return to the club. He says that every time he visits. He’s one of my regulars, and he spends enough money for me to put up with his verbal vomit. Other than that he’s a pleasant, generous customer.

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