Some of my customers are very well aware of the fact that they are lousy husbands or boyfriends, pervy customers, and they know that they are too weak to change. This type of customer reimburses his stripper girl very well for the bullshit she has to listen to and put up with. The self-aware customer isn’t the dangerous one. He’s the guy I like.
The real dangerous customer is the one who thinks he’s wearing a halo and does everything right. He thinks he’s better than all the other strip club customers. That makes him feel entitled to the bullshit he lets lose, and he’s often physically as well as verbally abusive blaming his inappropriate behavior on you (you’re seducing him, you’re too sexy, you make him drunk on you …). This type of customer is a wolf in sheep clothing. He expects you to spend time with him for free, he’s cheap, and when he gives you a pity buck he thinks he’s your savior.
Fact is, there’s a pervert in every man and woman, and therefore, you need to reimburse your stripper for putting up with your bullshit no matter how big your imaginary halo is.

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