As a pole dancing teacher and stripper I work very close with women from all walks of life. I have to say, I am often amazed by the moodiness of women. Every woman is many women in one. I see many aren’t stable and one day they appear strong and centered as the next day they are weak and fragile. I mean this physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually. Especially as a teacher I see every woman has so many facets and sides to her. I have come to learn to balance these unexpected moods of most women but I have to say, I don’t blame men for being confused. It takes a lot of patience, self-control, awareness, kindness, and experience to put up with most women’s imbalances. Often I feel like a juggler and ringmaster.
Now imagine a man. Men are already born confused about the female gender. Picture him dealing with an imbalanced woman. No wonder men’s brains blow up.

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