In all these years, none of my shifts at the club had ever fallen on the election day. But this year it was my first election night shift. I never really get too much involved into politics. My interests and energy go more into helping animals, preserving the Amazonian rain forest, educating people about global warming, and teaching people that their choices affect our planet which is directly linked to their health and well being. But this Tuesday night was different. My shift did fall on election night, and I had anxiously followed the candidates that were up for election. Before I left to the club my intuition told me that Trump would win — against all intellectual logic and common sense.
The mood at the club was tense. People watched fearfully the election poll results as they came in on the two flat screen TVs, and they held on tightly to their money. To my surprise the club filled up sooner than expected. The more people started realizing that Trump could possibly win the more private dances were sold. It felt as if the men needed to be comforted rather than seduced. Then the election results were announced: Trump had won! And the club turned lose. People literally threw their money away. It felt as if they sensed the end of the world was near, the Apocalypse had begun. I heard comments like, “We are all going to die,” “Why not party, this is the worst night of the year,” and “I am really worried. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow.” The club had turned upside down. It was like the last attempt to live, feel yourself, and enjoy what’s left of life.
The few proud winners who were celebrating their win since they had voted for Trump were some Armos whose reason for voting for Trump was, “I don’t want a woman to have the power.”
The night ended friendly. Desperation had turned into one last attempt to hold together and make it through this storm of insanity. People were shocked, embarrassed about what America had done, and how this election would project onto the USA. It was clear that anybody who had a brain did not vote for Trump, but he had attracted too many of his kind and this is what made his false victory.
The world is appalled. America has elected a bullying buffoon for president.

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