Red is a powerful signaling color, and this color does have an invigorating effect on humans. Red is usually associated with power, strength, and desire. Some even believe that the mere sight of something red stimulates the senses, boosts energy, and helps to overcome shyness.
Studies have actually confirmed that red clothing makes a person appear better-looking to others.
I myself have noticed that when I wear red lip gloss — I bought this organic lip gloss which ingredients I love but I think it’s way too red for my taste — to walk my dogs, men react very differently to me than when I choose a clear color to keep my lips moisturized while exposed to the elements. Red rocks and will get people’s attention.
However, it seems like red would be the perfect color to wear at the strip club to attract men. Red lip stick on your lips, red nail polish on your nails, maybe a red bra and panties, and it seems you would set yourself up for success and draw the attention you desire. But the strip club puts a tilt on it. In the red light of the strip club the wrong red on your lips or nails will disappear. In fact, if you wear the kind of red that blends in with the red lights it appears as if you have no fingernails or lips. What you wished to make stand out will be absorbed by the seductive red lights that most strip clubs use. Therefore, I recommend to skip red and go with colors that will beat our beloved red lighting so your lips, nails, and lingerie can be eye catching instead of non-existent.

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