The girls were complaining about the club. They were angry because they felt the club was not doing enough to promote us dancers, guys were coming to sit and drink and watch the show for free, some visitors won’t spend a dime on us dancers, and some customers are rude and feel insulted when we dancers say “Hi” to them like we are bothering them while they enjoy their cold one. The girls felt the strip club was turning into the local dive bar with sexy girls as a bonus. Apparently, one customer had said, “It’s better than sitting at Starbucks.” The girls were appalled and blamed it all on management. They felt nothing is being done to make customers respect us dancers and treat us like entertainers. At some point, I couldn’t take the blaming anymore, and I had to step in, “Ladies, it’s not the fault of the club. This is the best club ever. This club is paradise and one of a kind. It’s partially the problem of how things are developing over the past few years. People don’t understand the strip club etiquette anymore. But it’s in part the fault of us dancers as well. The fault of the dancers who hang out with customers outside of the club. It’s partially the fault of the dancers who sit with customers just for a drink or two, or who talk to customers for a long time without making clear that we need to be reimbursed for our time and conversation. The girls who go back to a customer to sit with him even if he didn’t tip them on stage. It’s up to us dancers to earn the respect back. To demand respect. To value our own time and make it clear that we don’t sit with a customer for a toxic, unhealthy, alcoholic drink. Only we dancers can defend our profession, the profession of the stripper.”
It all comes down to self-respect, self-empowerment, independence, and self-value. Customers need to stay customers, and strippers need to stay unreachable idols customers look up to and are granted to spend time with.

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