Most men confuse the strip club with a dating site. They forget stripping is a job and not every stripper is single, interested in men as a partner, interested in dating or looking for a mate or husband.
He was selling himself hard, “I got a work permit because of special skills.” He bragged all about how this big company (which name I will keep private) brought him over due to his special ability. They couldn’t find anybody in the USA with his skill level. He also bragged about his big flat in a rich part of town with designer furniture he just had shipped from Europe. He showed me photos to back it up and prove he was telling the truth. Then he confessed something he thought was important for me to know before we got married, also to remove any potential set back when meeting his family overseas, “The only thing is my parents.” I was surprised he brought up his parents. It can be a trick to fake seriousness about marriage, and it always shocks me to see to what extend these guys go to get what they think they want. I should be used to it by now but I guess it still shocks me. But I played along, “What about your parents?” Him a little ashamed, “Unfortunately, my parents are not very smart. They are very simple people.” Aha, it’s very interesting to me how most people are convinced they rose above their parents but with this man the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” proved itself once more. Just because someone has special skills and can make lots of money with it doesn’t mean they are smart.
As far me, intelligence doesn’t always mean you are a good person.

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