He was excited to see me and said, “I was here yesterday too. But today I just came to just see you.” He knew the nights I was scheduled at the club. We always chat a bit, and he’s the kind of guy who spreads the love and tips most of the dancers. He told me many things about his work and life that night, and he kept asking when it was my turn to go on stage. When you see someone regularly a relationship develops. He mentioned again at this visit he would like to see me outside of the club to grab a cup of coffee. When I was finally on stage he tipped me $4 and said, “Here is all I have left. You took all my money.” I looked at him knowing he was full of shit, and I said, “I hope not.” His remark was an instant turn off as well as the amount of money he had given me. He used to tip me $20 on stage, and now, since he thinks we are becoming friends — at some point he mentioned he thought I was in love with him — he’s thinking it’s OK to turn cheap and act like I am robbing him of his last penny. Turn off. And wrong thinking. Why would a man who thinks a woman is in love with him turn cheap? It should be the opposite way around, but the delusional male mind is a hopeless and endless well  of imbecilic behaviors. A broke, cheap customer is certainly something I run from even if he just pretends to be broke. Broke stands for loser and a man who cannot manage his finances or pretends he cannot — many rich guys pull this silly trick that backfires. Especially, if he’s older than thirty years of age. I’ll excuse a young boy not having figured out his life yet, but after thirty a broke remark gets you straight into the “not even an option” box. Call me Allison Cash, call me greedy, but money has its place and importance and how it’s spend will show you a man’s character.

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