He is one of our regulars at the club. A very successful business man, intelligent, and kind. When I sat next to him to say “Hello” he was twitching in his chair uneasy. I ask, “Is everything OK?” He answered with concern in his voice, “I forgot to give Gina her money for the dances. Where is she?” I explained to him, “I don’t think Gina is very worried. She will be back, and you will reimburse her. You seem too smart to rip off a stripper. I believe whoever rips off a stripper goes straight to hell.” Him without doubt and hesitation, “I know for sure whoever rips off a stripper goes straight to hell.” I was surprised by this answer and made a joke, but as we know there’s a little truth in every joke, “Gina could possibly curse you if you wouldn’t pay her.” Him, “Absolutely. And I won’t risk that. I have been cursed before by a woman.” Me surprised he is a believer, “Really, how do you know she cursed you?” Him, “Right after she did it I had a streak of bad luck in business for two years and my health was poor as well. It was two very bad years in a row.” His friend who sat next to us and overheard our conversation nodded his head. He is a believer as well. I said, “Oh, that’s not good for her either.” Him, “I heard there’s a boomerang effect to it.”  I nodded reassuring and then confessed, “I cursed a few myself.” Him, “You are a good woman. If you did they certainly deserved it.” And he is right. Not very many of us have the power to curse someone or cast a spell. But the few of us that do need to responsibly handle these incredible powers. Considering my age I think I managed so far pretty well. But some had to be hit. When used wisely it can work as a catalyst for both parties. For our wonderful regular it seems to have worked. He gets it.

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