Of course, if you are made for stripping — and not many are and identify themselves partially with this profession — at some point, inevitably the question will arise when is it time to retire. I have seen dancers like PugFace and Natasha at my club who are still in the industry but they have obviously missed the moment to get out with grace. They should’ve stopped dancing years ago but are still working the floor and trying to make a buck. The profession of stripping is definitely an outside oriented endeavor where you will be compared to the flesh of 20 year old girls. Your talent as a dancer or aerialist are secondary, the talent to connect to people is important but not necessary. It’s all about looks and most importantly fertility. On a subconscious level men sense when a woman is on  her period (which makes her less attractive since the chances of reproduction are slim), when she’s ovulating (that’s when you will make the most dollars), when she is pregnant (not a good chance to cash in big) … now imagine when menopause is starting to knock on the door. Even if you get your face done, your ass lifted, the boobs enhanced … you cannot trick a man who will sense that your estrogen is low and his chances of reproducing are down to zero. Fertility is a huge point in how men perceive women without them having the slightest idea about that being a major factor. Of course, there’s always the young boy who likes a mommy figure, the cougar addicted youngster, or the senior citizen who is so old that he maybe appreciates the conversation more than the sex appeal, but in the end, when the hormones drop your popularity at the club will plummet as well. Some girls go from one day to the other from most popular girl to nobody cares about her anymore. The fame fades quickly, and the ones who can embrace stripping as a lifestyle are sooner found in this dilemma than they thought. It is tragic, because some dancers cannot do anything else due to lack of skill. They have most likely never worked any other job and come 40 they are facing a daunting reality. Others were smart enough to put enough money to the side to retire comfortably. And some will go onto other professions, start a new career, and a different life.
But life without dance hurts. Life without stripping seems unimaginably. I love dancing as much as I hate it. It is like a dysfunctional relationship I consciously choose to stay in. In fact, I have cried about the fact that I didn’t start dancing earlier in life. Of course, it was all at the right universal timing, and I would’ve never been ready earlier. But I want more time on the stripper stage. More time in the lap dance room. More time to be admired, desired, more fame, more money, more time in this dark world of unlimited adventure. But then, on the other hand, I hope I will get out in time, with dignity, best when I am still at my peak — but who wants to leave when it’s still so good. Having to give up stripping will break my heart one last time no matter how successful I will be in all my other professions. I cannot imagine my life without the club. It’s hard to get out. It’s a love-hate-relationship you never want to let go off because the kick you get out of it compares to nothing you can find in the ordinary world.

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