The African American gentleman was moaning and gasping during the lap dances. He would do three at a time then take a break at the bar where he continued to reveal facts about his life, “Are you going to call me?” Me, “I am not good making contact with customers.” He had never given me his phone number so even if I would want to get in touch with him I couldn’t. Him, “I am not either.” Me, “Really? Why is that?” Him, “Because I am married.” Me, “Oh, you want me to call you risking to have your fuming wife on the line.” Him, “Ohm no, she’s not going to pick up.” Then him again, “What do you want? Roll around naked or hard core sex?” Me, “I’d say let’s do another lap dance.” Him, “OK, then I need to go.” In the lap dance room the moaning and gasping began again. Then he couldn’t contain himself and screamed out unleashed, “Ummmmmmmmm, we are gonna have to have sex. Just because it would be beautiful. We would look so beautiful together. We have to have sex because we would look so beautiful together …” He kept screaming and repeating the same thing. No comment from me, but I couldn’t help thinking that we possibly might look beautiful together, or better said, a thin, athletic woman like me would’ve enhanced his looks drastically not just in the bedroom. Everybody would wonder how this out of shape, fat, bug eyes, crooked toothed man ended up with a hot chick like me.

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