I am trying to figure how this happened. How come the world’s first power, the world’s police has two of the most shadiest crooks run for presidency? A rapist, sexual assaulter, and well known crook who has a history of not paying honest workers for their labor. And a woman who covered up for years her husband’s sex shenanigans, runs the Clinton foundation who we all know is a sham,  whose campaigns are funded by Saudi, and who used a hammer to destroy the evidence on her tech devices to cover up her shady business. How did America get to this point? Is the world clowning the USA? And why do the voters not ask for a reset?
So what’s the best case scenario? In case Trump gets elected it would be best if he gets assassinated and the vice president steps in for him. If Hillary gets elected it might be best if congress never allows her to execute presidential powers.
With an election like this ahead, imagine what would happen if nobody goes to vote. Because how can you vote for people who have obviously no good intentions and should be behind bars instead of a debate podium.

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