The gentleman noticed, “Ugh, it seems to be a very slow night for you guys.” Me, “Yes, but I expected it. It’s just two days after the full moon.” Him, “You think the moon affects the strip club vibe?” Me explaining, “Absolutely. I have been watching this for the past seven years. Full moon weeks are tough to work. The customers hold on tighter to their wallet and are often more aggressive trying to put their opinion on you. Unlike you would think, on full moon nights people rather stay home than go out. The few that do come out are often weird ones.” Then it just tumbled out of him, “You mean, customers want to be right and are aggressive. They think their life experience is unique, special, and they feel it is of high quality and worthy of sharing. They do this by starting with a few drinks and then proving its truth by verbally or physically shoving it down your throat. God gave us two ears to listen and only one mouth to talk but these customers believe that a stripper’s mouth is only good for one thing and it is not talking.” I am surprised about how he summed it up. He is definitely a weird one as well but brought it to an interesting point.

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