You know exactly who I am talking about. It’s this person in your life who texts and emails you for every fart they blow and you’re always there for them, but when you sent them one text they sure won’t answer. There are many reasons why people don’t answer text, or emails, or phone calls. However, when it comes to this person, I don’t give a fuck why he ignores or forgets to answer. He is just plain rude and the only way to teach him what an ass he is is by giving them a very good dose of his own medicine. Ignore him and see his little ego burst out on a tantrum. And for the record, text ignorers are eliminated right away from my friendship list. Because nobody is busier than me, yet, I always acknowledge a message from a person no matter how insignificant is it, unless the message is so stupid it hurts my brain, yet, this person will understand that me not answering is a respond. As for the notorious text ignorer there’s no excuse unless you are in the hospital or dead. He is just a selfish, self-centered, inconsiderate assface who only cares about what he wants or needs. Ditch the text ignorer! The sooner the better.

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