It appears that if you give someone what they say they want they don’t seem to want it anymore. Reaching the desired cuts the desire. The brain is in continuous torment. I see this in my yoga and dance classes I teach. When the student works hard and things are challenging and difficult he longs to take a break and rest. When we rest, for example in restorative poses or in Savasana, the student will fidget, be restless, and long to break a sweat. The brain is never satisfied. Therefore the brain needs to learn to respect the body as much as the body respects the brain. Most people seem to rely solely on the judgement of their brain without ever checking in with their body or heart. Maybe, that is one of the reasons why we are in such a shit storm. Intuition seems to have lost its value. People need to learn to surrender the intellect of the brain to the intuition of the heart.

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