I was miserable
Messed up
Strung out
Broke down and cried many nights out loud
Turned the days to dust
Couldn’t feel my heart nor any lust
Pulled the curtains tight
To make my place feel like the darkest night
At least I knew I did all I could to make it work
But you dragged my heart through L.A.’s dirt
What else could I do
I went through hell trying to get over you
They asked me why I wouldn’t drink
Numbing myself would’ve not help me not to think
You left me going crazy
Till I got so tired and my feelings for you got lazy
I bet you never thought I would leave you behind
Now you’re stuck alone in your daily unbearable grind
You are the one who’ll never get over
You won’t be able to stay sober
Go drink up my dear
Drown your guilt and fear
Your darkness inside is darker than any full moon eclipse night
There’s no whiskey strong enough to make things ever right
You’re the one who will never get over
Continuing to be hungover
Drink up my dear
Drown your heartache and loneliness in whiskey and beer
I decided to to pull my shades open again
Even if I could just look out to see the rare dessert rain
We both missed out on the love-train
But on your special day today
You aren’t forgotten
Just left to rotten
Drink up my dear
You’ll need extra strong whiskey and lots of beer

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