I am discovering more and more that the things I see with my bare eyes, the things that are obvious in life aren’t really the exciting part of life.
Often, when people talk too much, when they go on and on without any interruption, when they explain a lot, try to give you all the details, involve several scenarios, and try to confuse you with countless information they are trying to distract you from who they really are. When I meet someone like this who wants to convince me that they are right or even try to pull me into their boat, then I know for sure it’s a coverup. A person like this is only presenting their mentally constructed ego part trying to hide who they truly are.
As a dancer I meet many people, many men that talk a lot. I am usually not that interested in their words. What interests me more is what is beneath their skin. Soul work happens in the strip club. I go skin deep and deeper.

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