We all know what it means when a man is pussy whipped. But nobody talks about when a woman is dick whipped. Often times, woman are dick whipped for the strangest reasons. It’s not always the good lovers that make women lose their identity and adjust their entire schedule and life for. It’s often, the guys who actually don’t know how to use their dick, and the women just convince themselves they have good sex, or they try to convince themselves that the sex is not the important thing but the intimacy and closeness they experience with this particular guy. Meanwhile, the guy is not that close at all because he has no consideration for the woman and treats her more like a neglected dog he only plays with when it fits his schedule. And of course, we know dogs, they jump for the slightest attention and appreciate affection on their human’s turn. Why are women dick whipped? It is a phenomena that I cannot explain today. Maybe, its based on the thinking better some dick than no dick. I find no dick can be a blessing especially if it’s the wrong dick. But dick or no dick, nobody should dick you around.

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