As a stripper I have come to learn to watch out for one of the most dangerous body parts in the strip club. It’s not the genitals, or the head, nor the legs. But the potentially most dangerous body part for a stripper are other people’s hand. Like puppies explores the world with its mouth and teeth, even adult humans seem to not be able to control their hands. They want to touch, feel, and
Unfortunately, most people do not take very good care of the body part that they seem to use a lot.
Traveling to Europe I noticed that most public bathrooms are not equipped with hot water nor is soap available. For a germ freak like me this is a complete nightmare. But of course, there are alcohol wipes and sanitizing tools I travel with.
I have also noticed that many people do not wash their hands before their eat, clean their cell phone screen, key boards, doorknobs, nor steering wheel regularly.
Touching a stripper is prohibited. But often people try to get around this and think if they touch our faces or our hair it’s better. The last thing I want is someone’s dirty hands near by eyes, mouth, or face. Keep your hands to yourself and use your fingers to pull out the money from your wallet.

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