Over the course of many years, working as a stripper has taught me many valuable lessons that have affected my life outside of the club as well. One of them is that men — or should I rather say humanity — does not appreciate anything that is given freely and offered without charge. I have had to learn through painful lessons that a man only values a woman when he’s willing to invest into her. Usually, the more he invests the more he cherishes her. We strippers might come across like money hungry bitches — some might give me the nickname Allison cash — but there’s a reason behind us keeping a close eye on how much a man wants to spend on us. Doing things out of love or unconditionally only works with dogs and other animals. When it comes to relationships between most humans I have encountered — there are some very few exceptions — it’s best to charge them for what you have to offer, your time, expertise, advice, and even care otherwise you will be undervalued and taken for granted.
Money in the strip club is used as a signaling tool to alert a girl when a guy likes her. He will tip her on stage, tip her for her private dances, and sometimes, he will even just sneak her some extra cash because she’s lovely. No doubt, it’s what we call, “show em some love.” The same applies outside of the club and the sooner women understand that the better the world will be for all men and women. Men will be less confused and women will feel more appreciated.

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