He was thanking me, “That was really great, thank you Jones. I had a great time, great lap dance.” Then the guilt broke through as he continued, “I usually don’t do lap dances. I have a 7 month pregnant wife at home. But she will understand.” I almost fell off my chair and told him, “No, your pregnant wife will not understand. Listen to a good old stripper: do not tell your wife you had a lap dance.” Him, “But we have this kinda relationship …” I interrupted him, “Trust me, no man has this kind of relationship with his wife or mother. You don’t have to lie just don’t tell.” Most men are such morons. His wife is 7 month pregnant. Most likely she feels like a giant whale, is overly sensitive and even if she would’ve been OK with her husband getting a lap dance from a hot stripper seven months ago it’ll definitely affect they relationship in a negative way him confession to his strip club escapade. Shut up and just dance and don’t tell,  duh.

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