How do you know if he’s the right one? In my opinion one man cannot fill all of a woman’s needs and desires. I believe a woman needs an arsenal of men who entertain her, bring her joy, and keep the energy between the sexes interesting. To answer the question how to find the right men you need to be very honest with yourself. If a man makes your life better, brings you laughter, helps you make life easier and sweeter, if he can help improve your health and well being on a daily basis then he’s certainly worthy of your attention, and he is one of the right ones. However, if he brings you heartache, sorrow, tears, an uneasy feeling, worries, if he makes you feel inadequate and lowers your self-esteem, if he puts a financial burden on you, harms your heath, and doesn’t have your best interest in his mind, then he’s obviously not one of the right ones and the sooner you can cut him out of your life the better. Men can be excellent friends (if you know how to keep them in check), handymen, mechanics, companions, admirers, buddies. But be cautious not to cross the line and make them your lover without carefully considering the capability and capacity each man holds. once sex is involved the male brain slips into reptile mode and often his other skills fall away and he’s not capable of friendship nor buddyhood anymore. Men are simple and that’s why I love them. They have many qualities they can enrich a woman’s life with, however, their place needs to be clear and sex often confuses them. Often, it’s best to keep them loving you from a distance.

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