I’ve spent much thought on figuring out why the profession of the stripper isn’t more respected. I think one of the biggest reasons is the fact that women that work as strippers are willing to meet certain customers outside of the club. Any therapist or doctor will get in trouble and can even lose their license if they cross the line and meet a patient for any other but professional reasons outside of their office.
I remember working in Germany as an actress at the Theater in Stuttgart. I had many fans that would wait for me after a performance — especially after a premier — to get my autograph or just mingle around me in the Theater Cafe but I never met them outside of that setting and nobody ever expected it.
We strippers should not make any exceptions. We are healers, entertainers, and therapists. If a customer wants to talk to us, see us perform, or even just enjoy our energy he needs to make our lives better in return. Unfortunately, most strip club customers do not understand this unwritten universal rule, and the fact, that many women bring their feeling into the profession doesn’t help. We meet for many reasons, not always because we are romantically interested. Sometimes, it can be pity, feeling obligated, or being guilted into it. Strippers should not feel this way nor should they ever make an exception. It’s best to keep things professional between customer and dancer. Yet, many customers are in it for the stripper hunt trying to get the girl outside of the club.
Especially for inexperienced dancers, it is very difficult to keep work and private life apart. There are no guidelines nor much help from experienced dancers who understand much better how things should work. Maybe the profession of the stripper needs to be defined better and more guidelines should be set. A mentor-ship would be helpful but in this profession everybody fends for themselves.

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