He almost ran his stroller into my pack of dogs as I was walking towards the jogging father. The little baby looked at my dogs with big doe eyes and didn’t make a sound, then it looked silently at me, and I smiled at it. It surprised me that the baby didn’t make a peep. The father who didn’t even blink kept jogging as if he was running a stroller marathon. Equipped with high tech earbuds the outside world didn’t exist to him. The thought that my dogs could’ve felt threatened by him running straight through me and scared or even had bitten his child never occurred to him. He was in his zone, nobody existed not even his little child. Here I was given my dogs verbal cues and constantly interacting with them, exchanging eye contact, validating them for not attacking the moving stroller … my dogs have more interaction with me than this child with his own father.
And then I remembered and it started making sense. Just recently I had heard this commercial on my radio in the car that encourages parents to talk to their children, read to them, and sing to them. Now a days we need commercials so parents don’t forget to interact with their own flesh and blood, because their cell phones, iPods, and who know what other technical devices seems to be so much more interesting than talking to their own kid.
No doubt, the connection between vaccines and autism are clearly proven, however, it seems that parents are the biggest threat to their own children when forgetting to teach them social skills. Why have kids when you aren’t interested interacting with them?
Asperger’s Nation continues to grow. And I wonder, how inept the strip patrons will be in 15 or 20 years. I wonder if the demand for strip clubs will go up, because we do talk to these men even if you sometimes have to pull each word out of their nose.

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