No doubt, Hollywood has tried to portrait the stripper world. Movies like “Showgirls,” “Dancing in the Blue Iguana,” and “Striptease” have showed us a cheesy knock off of the woman who try to make a living working in the strip club industry. The dancers itself will buy into the glorification and minimization of the efforts stripping holds as soon as they get a chance to be on camera. The girls forget what we really do and turn into actresses showing us the world of stripping as a giggly, “fun and easy” way to make a living, and it seems like stripping gives us woman all the money and the freedom to do what we really want to do.

In Los Angeles the stripping industry is currently worth one billion dollars and employs more women than ever before. And not just that. Amateur pole shows give the housewives of Los Angeles the chance to jump on stage and dive into the illusion of being a stripper. For pole art shows people pay a high cover to make it legit to watch women as well as men (transgender or not) strip without having to feel like a creepy strip club patron, but in the end, it’s a strip show, some better than others. No doubt, the world is fascinated by the world of stripping. It’s like a magnet, people want it, try to understand it but nobody really knows what it really means to be a stripper. Instead, even the woman who call the strip club their work place glorify and minimize their efforts once the spot light is on them. And of course, that takes away from the respect these exact women would deserve and should get. Because it is not just “fun and easy.” However, a successful stripper has the strength to even make the most daunting night into something she can justify and reason why she works so hard. Whether she found one nice guy to talk to, or whether she takes pride in each stage she takes, or she made enough money to feed her kids for another day to go back the next night and try her luck again.

I wonder who will reveal what really happens, how it happens, how hard we women work. And who will have the courage to show it, take it to the media and fight for the women who take society’s shit while being there for the wrecked husbands and wives who come to talk to us to save their marriage or at least justify their failure, the lonely and socially inept, the weirdos, sickos, and all the others that come to make our lives “fun and easy” including the ones that just come to grab a cold one or only want to chill while not spending a dime on us as entertainers watching secretly from the corner of their eyes how we mount the pole, shake our booties, perk our titties, and endure an empty stage more often than what Hollywood makes rain on us

I think it is time for the women who work as strippers to woman up and get the respect they deserve. But surely first they need to have the courage to stay true to themselves and tell the world what only a good old stripper knows: stripping is a hard profession. And often, no matter how much money you made, you are too exhausted to do with it what you really want to do because a dancer’s body and mind needs the rest in order to get up and do it again.

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