A long time customer of mine recently returned from a trip to Europe where he visited the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. In case you are not familiar with the Reeperbahn, it is one of the two centers of Hamburg’s nightlife and also the city’s red-light district. He told me an interesting story, “I didn’t get it at first. As I was walking down the street the working girls that I had just passed were yelling to the girls ahead that I would eventually encounter ‘English, English.’ I realized much later that they were working in cooperation trying to increase the possibility of a sale so only the girls who could speak English would approach me with a proposition. It was refreshing to see how these women hold together. It seems strippers would do so much better if they would work as a team.” He’s right but we don’t. In fact, helping another stripper will most likely always backfire and be labeled as weakness. Many strippers feel threatened by other dancer which is a shame. I wish women would understand that there’s enough money for all of us and working together would be a win win for everybody involved. Maybe, prostitutes are more evolved in that regards than strippers, but I wouldn’t really know, I am just suspecting.

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