I had introduced the young man I had just done a series of lap dances with to one of my regular customers. I thought they would hit it off, and I was right. All three of us had a fabulous, fun night together. I found it interesting when my regular customer said, “I love strip clubs. This is the only bar in the world where men can be friends and don’t seem to be rivals. I love this.” He explained later to me, “In regular bars any guy who talks to the same girl you talk to is a rival and presents competition. Somehow, this doesn’t apply in strip clubs, and it’s great we all can just be friends.”
I personally don’t visit other bars. My night out is when I work at the club. So I don’t have much experience with this phenomena but maybe men can peacefully co-exist because in the strip club we strippers choose our men and are well capable of tending to more than one guy. We don’t have to be exclusive and decide, in fact, it is expected from us to have several guys we talk and tend to. We know how to share our love.

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