In my experience, the guys who know how to pretend, lie, and are good actors get laid more frequently than the guys who tell the truth, are straight forward, or just not capable to pretend or act. So here is my tip if you want to get laid more often: pretend you are someone that you’re not. You can even take an acting class, preferable method and improvisation so you can pull all registers. Because if you are who you really are most likely a women won’t like to have sex with you unless you have something else to offer than just your plain, Neanderthal you. It’s easy to break up that way too. When you had enough of her just be yourself and she will get so disgusted that she will end things before you even get a chance to break up.
And yes, women pretend too when they go on dates but men are less observant and less picky when it comes to pussy. Most guys will even fuck a stupid bitch more than once.

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