I had met this man at Trader Joe’s while shopping for food. I was in my fitness gear just coming from teaching. I wasn’t dressed up or particularly made up. The casual me, still put together but nothing would’ve given a signal that I am a stripper by night. He started a conversation with me right away. He acted as if we knew each other and felt very comfortable telling me about his profession and for which celebrities he had worked for. Nothing that I am interested in, but I call it the peacock dance when a man tires to impress a women and wants to establish his status. Every man has some type of mating technique and tries to impress. After about 20 minutes of chewing my ear of while I was standing in line to check out he asked me out on a date, “Coffee, a drink, or dinner?” I declined politely but made very clear I wasn’t interested.
Over a year went by till I ran into this man again on one of my dog walking tours in a very wealthy neighborhood I serve daily. I passed his house without knowing he lived there, and he immediately recognized me and tried to involve me into a conversation but I had to go. I was working. He still squeezed in another invitation which I once more declined. In the past six year I have run into the same man maybe 15 times or so. Just recently, he had adopted a cute little dog, and of course, it made me happy to know another orphan dog had found a forever home. He seems like a good dog dad. The other day, I ran into him, and he said something very strange, “Well, the reason why I adopted this dog in the first place is because of you.” I don’t really know this man, and I think him saying that is very weird, possibly delusional. It seems in his mind we know each other.

Often, society excuses awkward, strange, or rude behavior with the explanation that people treat us like this because we are strippers. But often, I run into strange behaviors that are not linked to the strip club at all. Maybe the world is just going more and more nuts.

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