We had a full sturgeon moon on August 18th this week. I explained to Mr. StripperSense, “On the full moon nights more primal energy is attracted in the club. The men complain about us not being fully nude, they want sex now, they are impatient, rude, agitated, often abusive fucks come in. Maybe, the girls are more edgy too but I don’t socialize much with them and stay away from the crazies in general, therefore, it means less money but I am not jeopardizing my safety.” Mr. StripperSense shared an interesting story with me that confirmed how much the solar system affects us, “I always remember someone who lived with his family within the ground of a mental hospital. He used to always say the patients went crazy on full moons.”
Modern medicine denies a co-relation of moods and moon, but it is obvious to me after keep track of it for years, that the moon is much more powerful than modern science wants it to be.

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