Men just assume what women want. They assume every woman looks for security, a stable relationship, building a future with her man, and eventually marriage. And most men are exactly terrified of that. But these assumptions are not always true. In this day and age, marriage does not always provide the securities it used to provide for a wife. Often, a husband can be like a club foot tagging around like a heavy burden. Women provide for themselves and are often the dominant provider in the relationship. Women want many different things from men. While some might be out for marriage others turn their heads away exactly on that. Women want many things from many people. We can look for companionship, excitement, passion (not just sexual passion), adventure, get away from the daily life in the partner we choose. Some are looking for a sugar daddy, an occasional hook up with the same guy, some just want a male friend, others want an affair. Every woman has her own vision. And some even don’t know at all what they want. I suggest you ask what she’s looking for before you assume.

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