This is how he explained it to me, “Dating a stripper is problematic. Not because of her profession, but because of how society labels strippers. It would be difficult for me to introduce my other half in work meetings and social gatherings and reveal her profession.” I understand this, “We strippers are definitely even less respected than prostitutes. No man will ask a prostitute what she’s doing after work to see if she wants to hook up for a random sex act. Everybody knows a prostitute has her price, yet, we strippers are the horny pole dancers who want it all the time, can’t wait to suck any cock, and dance half naked because we are so horny and can’t think of anything else but having sex with you, any man, any woman … Plus we pretend, lie, and scam you to get all of your money.” Him, “I actually don’t find this. I find women outside of the club wear a much bigger facade and pretend much more than strippers. It seems strippers don’t have to pretend. The unclothed women don’t just reveal more skin, they also seem to reveal more soul and heart.” Maybe, because due to our job and what we deal with on a nightly basis, we have grow into more courage and pretending doesn’t get you anything anyways.

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