I have observed three different kind of reactions when a man realizes he won’t get the piece of ass he wants and was investing into. Of course, there is always the initial realization-resignation point every man goes through. This can take seconds, minutes, days, months, even years. Yes, sometimes it takes a man years to realize and accept it’s not going to happen. But once he has passed through the realization-resignation phase three things can happen.
1.) He accepts and still wants to be friends — friendship in as keeping the door open. This guy is an optimist and doesn’t give up that easy or cannot admit his rejection and defeat.
2.) He changes his entire demeanor which often means he shows us his true face. No more lovey dovey, no more putting effort into the relationship, instead he lets the sow out (this is a German saying), and finally, stops pretending since it’s useless anyway. He won’t get any no matter what so why continuing to pretend.
3.) He never talks to you again and makes you look like a horrible person to justify and cope with his defeat.
In defense to the men I have to admit that women with same sex interests follow the exact same behavior patterns when it comes to sexual rejection.

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