Of course, I never liked flying. I am not afraid of it but it is certainly not comfortable especially if you travel overseas. To me it’s like flying jail. Really, how many books can you read, movies can you watch, and how many hours in a row can you write, do nothing, sleep sitting crammed into a little chair next to drunk and stuffed people. Stuffed on bad food. And that brings me to my real reason for writing this blog. I wonder, why they make traveling so unhealthy on top of the things we cannot control like recycled air, germs, long hours in the airplane to get to your destination, and pressure difference in the air. It seems impossible to eat healthy and bringing your own food is tricky and buying food at airports only leaves you unhealthy choices except bananas. They do have bananas. So my point is, on top of your muscles seizing up and feeling like shit you get served an excellent opportunity to get constipated if you agree to stuff yourself with the artificial food they offer you on your flight. Cheers and don’t forget to bring your laxative if you can’t resist to eat the garbage they charge you a horrendous amount of money for.

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