I have noticed another type of dancer who is of weak personality and uses the strong, self-sufficient stripper to get ahead. For once, if anything goes wrong for the weak girl, she will use the strong stripper as backup working in her favor. She will say, “But StrongStripper said …” StrongStripper is too smart to say anything, yet, WeakStripper will lie in order to get her way. WeakStripper will also watch strong stripper on the floor like a hawk. WeakStripper has no nose or intuition for the good customers, but, she will certainly like to snatch them away when StrongStripper takes the stage or just turns her back for a second. WeakStripper is really not worthy of being called a professional stripper, because real strippers don’t need to play unfair. Therefore the appropriate name for this type of woman is LeachStripper.

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