After Jenny’s first set on stage she came up to me and touched my arm rubbing up and down. I was surprised by this strange type of affection and asked, “What’s going on?” Jenny said, “Are you wearing lotion?” I said, “Are you crazy? In my case that would be plain suicide. the pole work I do? But yes, I felt it too, the pole is slippery and some bitch is wearing lotion.” There are many reasons why girls apply often cheap mineral oil based lotion right before they go out on the floor. Some want to smell like that lotion, others want to prevent an ashy look on their skin, some do it because they are trying to sabotage the dancers’ business who are capable of pole tricks. If an experienced dancer wears lotion, she should in my opinion just be suspended from the shift. She is a hazard to all the dancers and no reason can be good enough to wear lotion on the floor. Jenny and I figured out who the girl was. Jenny had talked to her about it and Jenny reported back to me, “She was acting very sensitive about me mentioning it.” Me, “I don’t give a shit about her feelings. She obviously doesn’t give a shit about anybody elses’ well being and safety. Selfish, little, untalented, greasy bitch.”

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