It’s even on the news. Kids as well as adults are hunting Pokemon. If you are like me — call it old fashion — you might not know what a Pokemon is. Well, a friend of mine explained it to me. They are virtual figures you can upload and collect on your phone. You cannot touch them or do anything else with them except collect them and look at them.
I wonder, are we cultivating a generation that prefers to live in a virtual world, dream about adventure instead of living adventure, dream about life, sex, and passion rather than actually living it. It’s definitely easier, safer, and it takes less effort. Like collecting phone numbers without ever calling, dreaming about traveling without ever stepping out of the comfort zone because looking it up online is enough … No doubt, dreaming about visiting foreign countries is much more comfortable than actually getting on that nasty airplane and sitting there forever till your sciatic nerve inflames and you end up exhausted at your dream destination without understanding a word they say around you because you don’t speak their language … And sex is so much better in fantasy and so less exhausting for many … you can just lay there in dead crow position and think about it … But are we unlearning how to live? Everything is easier and more comfortable than it was twenty years ago, yet, it doesn’t seem people are more willing to live despite the gained convenience. I wonder, are humans turning into Pokemon?

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