If you have worked more than one day as a stripper you have been body shamed. Body shaming comes with the profession of stripping. Co-strippers, customers, bouncers, even in some clubs managers will take their turn on you. I myself have been accused of having fake boobs, a too small ass, for some I was too fat (yeah, believe it or not), for others to thin. For some too old, others too young. Co-strippers have imitated my stage performance making fun of me, customers have acted like I am the most ugly woman in the world even paying me $100 at a time to go away (which was great in regards to the money). I heard from co-strippers that in some clubs they had regular weigh-ins, and if a dancer was gaining weight she was threatened to be fired. Some girls have been through the mani pedi assessment, and if the customer didn’t like the way their nails were done or not done they were shamed on and rejected. The body shamers are out there, and it seems many public figures jump on board and shame regular folks. I just recently heard a playmate made fun of a woman in some gym.
My opinion on body shaming is very set: No matter who you are, how old you are, what your profession or education is, and how much money you have, if you body shame anybody the shame is on you. And if you jump on anybody’s negativity and fuel their body shaming tactics you’re just as low class as they are. Just because you don’t like anything doesn’t mean someone else might not enjoy it. Who are you to shame someone else? Body shamers are deeply insecure, yet, power hungry people. And most importantly, they have no life, because who has time to body shame someone else. Sweep in front of your own door first before you complain about other people’s dirt. If you want to complain check your own body and point out you own imperfections because other people’s bodies aren’t your business.
As a stripper you grow a thick skin. You’re used to being judged, criticized, and shamed. You stand above it and don’t give a shit, but it’s sad that thick skin like this even has to develop. You’ll never get it off, not even with an extra rough pumice stone.

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  1. Or a dancer that cant dance for you anymore because your dick is to smal hehe

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