We were discussing what I have heard many time from DJs, men, even other strippers. Is it a myth or is it true that all strippers have low self  esteem and measure their worth by their sexual compatibility? Mr. StripperSense said, “Maybe, that is the thing with stripping. You can get sucked into feeling you need to be validated by men on a sexual level because that is the job, and then low self esteem creeps in because it seems ultimately meaningless. I don’t know but it’s just a thought.” Me, “It could be. Stripping could possibly have this effect on at least some women who choose this profession. But most of them start stripping in their late teens and have often already had sexual encounters that possibly programmed them. Not to mention the mothers and how they presented and lived sexuality to their daughters. Maybe the low self esteem is a source of childhood, yet, with us strippers it’s blamed on the job. I think ultimately, we are all fucked up, stripper or non stripper, girl or boy. It’s mostly rooted in the childhood and upbringing. And life might be the chance to become aware, change your patterns, grow, embrace change no matter what profession. And in defense of stripping, I would never ask these question nor think about my own self esteem issues if it weren’t for the job.”

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