She was crying desperately in the dressing room, “I wish I would know what’s the right thing to do. If  I could just ask the other bouncer what’s the right thing to do in regards to my boyfriend. I wish he would be working tonight. I have read so much on the internet, but I really trust the bouncer’s opinion. He seems like a man who has his shit together and always offers me good advice. He knows what’s right or wrong.” I tried to explain to her, “There is no right or wrong. Ultimately, nobody can give you the right advice. There is no right or wrong. You need to stop following what people say on the internet, or what a bouncer suggests, or other dancers, or your mother … The right thing to do is what you want to say and do. It’s time to figure out who you are, learn to listen to your heart, and do you. Otherwise, your boyfriend will have a relationship with the internet, bouncer, other women, and he will never truly get to know you. Be you, do you, live you. If he doesn’t like it then he’s obviously not that into you.” Many people try to win love by following advice from others. But in the end, listening to your heart is the best choice. It’s good to get advice and option, but don’t forget to be who you really are instead of doing things to impress others not truly showing them your real face. Eventually, who you are will surface. Any cover up will cause a disaster later on. Many relationships fail when people finally, sometimes after years of pretend, reveal their true face. Stay true to yourself. Always and forever till death do you part.

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