Yesterday’s blog ‘The “Hi” Man” made one of my readers ask me about the dick picture text. I know sending dick pictures has become very common, and some men (I hear especially in the gay community) feel often even pressured to send them. I hear men have developed technical skills such as angles, lighting, as well as other tricks to make their penis look well-endowed and shine in the best light in order to capture the attention of who they want to impress. I am not an expert in regards to the gay community. All I can talk about is how women feel. In general, no matter how wonderful you are endowed, and how good you are at taking picture of your penis, it is a risk to send a dick picture to a woman you’re trying to impress. If you don’t know her preference, if you don’t know if she’s interested in you, if you don’t know that dick pictures turn her on, you are in for a big fail. Dick pictures, although it might take time, skill, and effort to take them are most likely insulting and rude unless a woman sees you as only a hook up potential and is not interested in getting to know anything that goes beyond your cock. We women, once in love, can work with all sorts of penises. Love will make almost every penis perfect if a man is willing to learn how to use him to please his lady, which means he must be sexually open and mature enough to learn. But a dick picture without any emotional connection is rude, a primitive assumption about this woman, and a lame and not creative way to win her attention. Dick pictures to impress are out.
However, if you are in a stable relationship and you know your ladies loves this type of visual stimulation send away and don’t forget there are many different filters you can use to put him into good light.

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