Did Jerry Hall get it right when she quoted her mother saying, “to keep a man, you must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen, and a whore in the bedroom?” If you ask me, mom got it all wrong, or maybe things have just changed. In general, when the sex is awesome women will want more of it. Yes, she will want it, crave it, suck it, do it, need it … she will not need food nor water. She can live on good sex and good sex alone — which you ladies know happens very rarely in a woman’s life if it even happens at all. But if you ever had it you will be … let’s call it ruined for life because you’re going to want more of it till death do you part.
And this is where the problem begins. Men feel scared and intimidated by the sexually invigorated and inhibitionless female once her sheep skin is peeled off. Of course, every man dreams about the ravenous sex only a she-wolf can deliver, yet, at the same time, he will judge it, label it, and put her into the box “Awesome Sexual Fantasy Adventure.” And most likely, he will not marry her, allow that bedroom whore to bear his children nor introduce her to his mother. 99% of the married men I talk to admit they did not marry the woman of their dreams, because she was too wild, sexually it was too explosive, and it didn’t feel like she would make the perfect wife or mother — because male brain cannot separate bedroom from the rest of life. It might be of some comfort to the sexually liberated woman who was left behind due to being labeled as an unfit role model and exchanged for the good on paper wife, that all these men express regrets about leaving the love of their life behind after the kids are born or the divorce papers are filed. However, it also proves that most men cannot handle what they dream about. Good sex is scary for the male fellows most likely because it brings out feelings and thoughts they never even knew existed — and with that even shame might arise. And the average male deals with situations like this by practicing  what I call Italian Karate: he runs as fast and as far away as he can.

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  1. In every woman lives a she wolf, but sometimes takes some time to bring it out.

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