She was madly in love and excited about their future together, “I cannot wait till things are set in stone, and I will know that we are a stable couple. Things will have established, and I will know exactly where I stand in my relationship with Greg. I hate this dating thing. I want a real relationship.” I hear comments like this mostly from women. They think once a certain time with a partner has elapsed you know each other. They think once certain rules and rituals are established they are secure and everything is in place. They think, this is what means being capable of having a relationship. I don’t agree. I do not believe we ever know a partner or friend. It’s impossible because we all change continuously. I also do not believe any relationship is ever set in stone. And often that thought is what destroys relationships because it makes you forget to walk in the other person’s shoes, and eventually, you will take your partner for granted. Any assumed security often leads to exactly that, and even if a couple stays together taking anybody for granted is the sure death to this relationship. I believe a good relationship is based on wanting to explore the other person on a daily basis and never assuming things are set for life. Nothing is ever set for life. Relationships, life, passion, love, and happiness is a daily decision and takes much effort. Yet, when you love, no effort is too much, in fact, effort feels more like inspiration to make the other person’s life better. No doubt, relationships are complicated. The bigger your pride and ego, the more complicated it gets.

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