The cross around his neck on a sturdy silver chain (possibly white gold) struck my eyes right away. He was very nice and polite, and I didn’t have to ask him for a private dance, because he was ready to go after just quickly telling me about his profession and what he was passionate about. Once in the lap dance booth it was obvious that we hit it off. But the more he enjoyed me dancing for him the more he started explaining, “You know, I had a really long, exhausting day today, and I really needed a hug. This is not about sex for me. It’s a I kinda need a hug day for me.” Well, we don’t hug during a lap dance. But his explanations are very familiar to me.  Men just like women have issues with their sexuality. They feel guilty for lusting, being aroused, liking sex, and enjoying to be turned on. Religion, upbringing, family history, sometimes what older siblings, the wife, or girlfriend programmed into a person’s brain might make them their own worst judge.

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