The club has made me understand how even a rapist might justify his action. In the human mind — this applies to men as well as women  — it seems to be OK to violate a woman (possibly a man too but I cannot speak for that since I can only look at this from my female perspective) as long as there is an explanation for it. The most common excuses from men for violating me are:
1) I am drunk on you
2) You were provoking me with your laugh/smile/conversation/dance
3) I was just trying to give you the money (this was said to me after a customer groped my boob and tried to rip my bra off, I still wonder how this justification ads up)
In any case it’s the stripper’s fault when being violated. I assume in the rapists mind it’s the victims fault as well.
The club is an endless well of lessons in psychology. Some things are hard to accept, yet, understanding the fucked up human thought pattern can at least give you some insights about humanity which makes it easier to brush off this type of abuse.

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