People aren’t inconsiderate or oblivious on purpose. Often times, it’s a lack of communication skills, compassion, and the ability to treat others the way they want to be treated. Being able to walk in someone elses’ shoes is a skill. Compassion is a skill. Communication as well as consideration for another person is a skill. I believe we learn all social skills in our childhood, and often, that’s where the problem starts, however, each individual has a choice whether they want to develop or stay the same. Being able to learn and grow comes with the craving to evolve as well as a deep hunger for truth. Most people are just too comfortable in their Me-Me-Me-Existance plus they fear the truth instead of craving it. Nobody thinks they are the villain. This comes from a lack of self-awareness and the lack of pain through living in denial and delusion. Once I realized that it is for most people enough to just say things, promise things without actually doing them I stopped being hurt by their lack of actions. Often, dreaming about it to them is like they’ve done it already. It feels safer and takes less effort plus the dream is usually better than reality. However, it’s just a dream, and ultimately, they miss out on life. But it’s their life not mine that’s wasted.

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