This is the time of the year when the married men come into the club to announce their big family vacation. They brag about the trips they are taking, the overseas adventures, sailing or rafting trips. They proudly tell us about their giant family vacation just a few days ahead. They portrait it like this fairy tale adventure. I am sure their wives brag to their girlfriends about it as well. It all looks so perfect. Of course, since the husbands spent all their money on the vacation they expect a special deal at the club. That ain’t gonna happen. Because a smart stripper knows they are full of shit. If it’s all happy family why are they here now, why is he talking to me, and why does he want two dances for the price of one? Family vacations don’t fix marriages nor turn the brat kids into appreciating children. Mr. PerfectFamily is rushing to get his last fix before he goes on the big nightmare trip with his spoiled, rotten, nagging children, never satisfied, always wanting more wife. Family vacations can really bring out the family dysfunction. Whether you’re stuck in the airplane for hours or car … reality will sink in sooner than later. Therefore we strippers should charge Mr. PerfectFamily extra. Once for lying to us and having to listen to your delusional pretend and second for having to give you extra energy to fix you up to get you through the trip. Not to mention when you come back all wiped out, and we have to build you back up.

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